The company was created to bring back high quality service to all who require ambulette transports.  Choice success is due to continuous commitment providing quality service one transport at a time.  Contact us at 631-342-8888.
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One way or round trip, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Our Staff
Uniforms - Company uniforms are provided for easy identification
ID - Every staff member wears an ID with their name in large print for easy reading.
Trained - Each staff member is trained in proper wheelchair handling for your personal safety.
Background Check Every employees driving record and personal background is checked for insurance purposed and your personal safety.
Our Vehicles
High Tops For comfort and safety.
Hydraulic Lifts For safe loading and unloading
4-way Wheelchair Tie Downs The safest way to truly secure a wheelchair.
Seat Belts Provided for every passenger, ambulatory or in a wheelchair, for both safety and required by law
6 Month Inspections Our entire fleet of ambulettes are inspected every 6 months by NYS Department of Transportaion.
Medicaid Recipients
If you are from a private home or an Adult Home, Medicaid must be called by you or a staff member from an adult home for authorization for transport to take place. They in turn will send/fax us (CHOICE) your trip approval number. (Transport cannot take place without this number)
Please call the following number for transport approval:
Suffolk Medicaid Nassau Medicaid New York City
631-854-5801 516-433-1660 1-800-243-7842